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Anisa has bylines at Broken Pencil Magazine, BuzzFeed, VICE and Postmedia papers.

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"Indifference in the face of racism is an unbelievable luxury. That someone was unable to cause me pain, or reduce me to a feeling of nothingness, with mere words is not a mark of my own strength, but a mark of my experiences — or lack thereof.

At each ring of his phone, Shakib Nasrullah and his family jumped.
The caller ID was blocked, but Nasrullah knew it was the government of Iran even before he answered.
That morning, Nasrullah’s mother and wife accompanied him to an old one-level home, where he would be interrogated for hours.

The Brave New World of Webcomics: Platforms, Publishers and a Snowballing Popularity

Once the stuff of charming LiveJournal pages, the webcomics game has grown into big business. But once something can be monetized, it’s a bit like blood in the water — a whole lot of hungry people start showing up, including multimillion-dollar corporations and big names looking to cash in.