she makes zines

Anisa makes zines about mental health and sifting through trash. Proceeds from her zines are donated, with past charities including the Black Visions Collective, Covenant House Toronto, the Period Purse and Lebanon Red Cross. See all tax receipts here.


Above Water


"Above Water" is a mental health zine with tips on what to do when you’re in emotional distress. It draws on Dialectic Behavioral Therapy. If you'd like a PDF copy, there's a download link at the bottom of this webpage.

Doggy Paddle


"Doggy Paddle" is a mental health zine about how to distract yourself in a healthy way when you're in crisis mode. It draws on Dialectic Behavioural Therapy.

It's Just a Phase


"It's Just a Phase" is a zine with tips about nutrition, skincare, exercise and energy levels at different phases of your menstrual cycle.

Trash Queen


"Trash Queen" is a zine about some of my favourite finds and lessons learned from dumpster diving.

A Hair Out of Place


"A Hair Out of Place" is a perzine about a brown woman's experience with body hair and questioning social standards. It includes a Q&A with fabulous zinester and artist Sonali Menezes.

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Want a physical copy?

All zines are PWYC with proceeds donated to charity. I accept both etransfers and Paypal sent to Please include with your transfer a message with your full name, mailing address, and which zines you'd like sent.